Mountain Molds
Nose Punch for Lyman/RCBS Cast Bullet Sizers

A form-fitting nose punch is available for metplats that are no larger than 75% of the bullet diameter.   Meplats larger than 75% require a flat punch (see below).   Fitted punches must be tested for fit, so either order the punch and mold together, or else mail a sample bullet.   Sorry, we don't make punches to fit other brands of molds.

Sizer Price Describe Bullet
Lyman/RCBS $20 (4 oz.)

A 35 caliber flat nose punch will work for most big bore flat point or semi-wadcutter bullets, providing that the sizing die has a decent taper.   You don't need to buy a flat nose punch for each and every caliber.

Sizer Price Describe Bullet
Lyman/RCBS $10 (4 oz.)