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top punches

Posted: Sat Mar 29, 2008 2:23 pm
by mtngun
I spent the first 20 years of my casting career using only two punches. One punch started out as a round nose 38 special punch that came with the lubrisizer. I filed it down until it was more or less flat and used it for all my flat nose wheelgun bullets.

When I needed a punch for a 7mm round nose bullet, the closest punch I could find locally was for a spitzer. It worked tolerably well for that 7mm round nose and it eventually saw service on a variety of 30 caliber bullets, too. Sometimes it would mar the nose a little bit, but the marred bullets still shot well.

In recent years I added a couple of 30 caliber flat punches to my collection. Both are used primarily for sizing nose-first. One is extra long for using the lubrisizer as a push-thru (unscrew the stuff at the bottom and you can push bullets through the die and let them drop fall out the bottom, though it doesn't work nearly as well as a real push-thru setup on a reloading press) or for just making sure that the bullet goes down deep enough to get fully sized.

If you demand a perfectly fitting punch for some oddball bullet, it is easy to make one using JB weld and a punch with an oversize cavity. Install the punch in the press, smear some JB weld in the punch cavity, and set the punch down on your bullet, which has been coated with your favorite release agent. Let it harden overnight, file off the excess, and you're in business.