how I heat treat wheelweight

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how I heat treat wheelweight

Post by mtngun » Sat Feb 02, 2008 6:50 pm

There is more than one way to do the job, but the following method has always worked for me, and no special equipment is required.

-- apply gas checks and size (usually with a push-thru sizer). The bullet is not lubed at this time, though sometimes a teeny bit of lube is used to ease the passage through the sizer. Felix lube works very well for this purpose.

-- set sized bullets in baking pan, "cook" in kitchen oven 430 degrees for one hour. In theory, 450 degrees is better, however, you may experience "slumping" if the temperature is too hot, and bear in mind that oven thermometers may not be that accurate.

Lead does not vaporize at these temperatures, but if you are worried about lead poisoning, just cover the darned pan. However, traces of lube on the bullets will vaporize and stink.

-- have an empty sink ready, and a bucket of water

-- after the bullets have cooked for one hour, gently (because the bullets are delicate when they are hot) but quickly take the pan of bullets out of the oven and set it in the sink.

-- quickly dump the bucket of water onto the bullets. You need to douse the bullets right away, before they have time to cool.

-- drain the water, then spread the bullets onto an old towel to dry

-- the dry bullets can now be lubed in the usual manner, but avoid sizing the bullets after they have been heat treated.

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Re: how I heat treat wheelweight

Post by jbquack1 » Fri Dec 26, 2008 9:18 pm

i bought a cheap toaster oven at wal-mart.The cost was 20 dollars,the tray is small, but i can do fifty or so bullets at one time which works out as i don't shoot many "heavy" loads, mainly for hunting.jim

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