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typical designs dropped

Posted: Thu Feb 14, 2008 5:48 pm
by mtngun
from the old forum:

The "typical designs" have been dropped.

They were always intended to be temporary, to help make the transition to the online design program. I originally planned to keep them around until the "save" function was added to the design program, but that is taking longer than anticipated due to the ongoing backorder.

Once the "save" function is working (and I'm not even going to start on it until I get caught up with orders) we'll gradually accumulate a large database of designs, which the public will have access to.

The "typical designs" were often misinterpreted as designs that had my seal of approval, which was rarely the case.

If you want to know what I approve of, see my articles and posts about bullets that have worked well in my guns. In general, most of my bullets have a long bearing length and a short nose. No Keith bullets. No long, unsupported noses. Mostly average-for-caliber weights. I've loaded thousands of rounds in bottleneck cartridges with the cast bullet seated into the powder space and never noticed any ill effects. I started casting around 1982, and until a few months ago I never cast a long bore riding nose, and didn't feel the least bit deprived. I'm just starting to learn about lever guns and will post more about my lever experiences in the months to come.