ROSS STYLE 510 gr. Pointy Bullet for 500 S&W

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ROSS STYLE 510 gr. Pointy Bullet for 500 S&W

Post by mtngun » Sun Oct 13, 2013 8:34 pm

From John Ross' website:
Go to his .500 bullet design page. There will be alot of things you can change, but default values andstyles will be listed, and many of these you want to leave as they are. Here are the things you want tochange:

Start with at least 500 grains so you can see the program draw a picture of a long nose bullet. You can tinker with the
weight later, after everything else is done.

Nose length:
I use .700” for maximum case capacity. If you are an optimist about S&W bringing out a shortened X-frame in .500 Special, that cylinder length will be 1.900” long and the case is 1.285”, so you’ll want a nose length of about .625” to optimize the .500 Special round in S&W
guns, if they appear.

Bullet type:
Bore riding tangent ogive (BTAN) for best bullet alignment in the barrel.

Bore ride length:
I change from the default of .050” to .150” on my long-nose designs [the program has changed since then and now requires a longer BR length, about 0.170"]

Groove-to-band length ratio (GTB):
I change from the default of 1.0 to .3 or .4. This gives a larger number of thinner grease grooves than the default. When the result gives you a choice of number of grease grooves, click on the largest number and have it draw that design. [the program has changed since then and those options are no longer available]

For my long range designs, I use the smallest number possible, which used to be 40% but now is down to 36%. This will give a relatively pointy bullet that will shoot flatter and penetrate more but won’t give the wounding power of a wider flat point
While John's original pointy design can no longer be created with the program, here is something similar (and perhaps better, IMHO):

Notice the bottom band is fixed at 0.100" length for better fill-out. Small bottom bands are very prone to heat shrink on these heavy bullets.