More on the Lee 20 pound pot.

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More on the Lee 20 pound pot.

Post by jbquack1 » Sat Dec 11, 2010 6:28 pm

So far i have had good luck with a Lee pro 4-20 lead pot i bought awhile back.I ran into some difficulty recently with large caliber/weight molds.Having discussed this here with Dan on another thread and getting some good input i decided to clean the pot out and see if i had a flow issue as with bullet weights up to 415 grains i had few culls and had not seen issues until i started casting big .501 diameter slugs in the 450 to 500 grain range.I cleaned the pot out and took the stopper out of the spout, cleaned it out, and noted that the hole was very small.Now with hot molds and 20 pounds of alloy i have had no problem bottom pouring 350 grain 45 colt bullets or even 415 grain 475 bullets and i don't let my pot get under half full as it takes too long to heat back up after filling with cold ingots, so i always had good weight on top of the spout and hence good pressure or flow with these weight bullets.This all changed with the heavier weights as it took quite awhile to get good "fill out", and when i did i had other issues cropping up such as the sprue tearing instead of cutting(i figured out how to cure this) but my bullets were still at about a 50 percent reject rate.Dan had mentioned flow or lack of so i decided to investigate and when i did, i found that the spout was about as tiny as Lee's old 10 pound pot.I removed the base plate and using a reamer i had i reamed the hole to .122"(no this was not by design, this is what i had available, i do think that anything bigger than .125" or 1/8 inch would not work with the stopper supplied with the pot).I also took some 320 grit sand paper and polished the machine marks out of the stopper, this seemed to give better fit to the spout.I heated up 20 pounds of alloy with the spout closed off completely and then adjusted the the stopper until it leaked and then tightened back up to the point of no leaking.Using my 45 colt 350 grain mold and my .501 diameter 450 grain molds i started casting, the pot definitely pours fast and i had to get used to that, i have a definite increase in flow with no leaks(the occasional drip, but my freinds rcbs does the same thing)my cull rate is back down to the normal 10 percent or so.The only test i haven't done yet is the 500 grain mold as i don't have it handy but i will test it and let you know what i find.Thanks for the ideas Dan.jim

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Re: More on the Lee 20 pound pot.

Post by mtngun » Sun Dec 12, 2010 7:30 pm

The only Lee pot that I can recommend is their 20 pound ladling pot, which is what I currently use for WW. It's a good value, and there's no leak to worry about. :)

The instructions supplied with my molds specifically recommend using a ladle with wheelweight alloy.

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