Mountain Molds
Range Report 5/6/2004

Experiments included a 0.318" tapered bullet in the '06 and lubes in the 357 snubby.

NRA lube   average 4.9", 1244 fps, 90 fps ES.   Barrel condition was average for this load -- a little grey color near the muzzle, but nothing to complain about. This lube produced the highest velocity but also the highest ES.

LBT Blue   average 6.65", 1211 fps, 80 fps ES.   Average barrel condition.

Felix Big Melt   average 4.2", 1208 fps, 69 fps ES.   Cleaner than average barrel condition.

Rooster HVR   average 6.4", 1237 fps, 62 fps ES.   100% clean.   Rooster had the lowest ES and the next highest velocity.   Mediocre accuracy, though.

Ballisticast (a very hard lube)   average 4.0", 1232 fps, 73 fps ES.   Cleaner than average.

Conclusions   All the lubes were satisfactory.   I was rooting for Rooster but it may have an accuracy disadvantage -- I'll try it one more time, just to be sure.

0.318", Rooster HVR   average 15.8" (ouch!), 2782 fps, 38 ES.  

0.318", Ballisticast   some shots off target, 2801" fps, 35 ES.   Very smoky.

0.318" Liquid Alox / mica dust   11.3", 2828 fps. 12 ES.  

0.316", upside down check, Liquid Alox / mica dust. 8.9", 2754 fps, 51 ES.

165 Nosler (my hunting load)   3.3"   Hey!   Something's wrong.

Conclusions   Even my 1 MOA hunting load didn't shoot well so now I am wondering if something is wrong with the scope. Update: the lock ring on the rear lens was quite loose, and yes, that did allow the POI to move around several inches.   So accuracy results for this and maybe for prior range sessions are quite suspect.   Even so, that doesn't explain the patterns shot with the 0.318" bullets.   The 0.318" bullet was an attempt to create a perfect gas seal in the chamber neck, and it seems to have done that, judging by the high velocity and outstanding ES, however, there may be a tradeoff with bullet distortion as the oversize bullet squeezes into the 0.308" barrel.   I'll have to go back to the drawing board -- maybe a 32 cal 0.318" gas check on a 0.309" bullet would create a good gas seal without excessive bullet distortion?????   For now, I can say that liquid alox is the best lube to date, giving the least awful groups, the highest velocity, and the lowest ES.

Ballisticast   Average 2.1", 1509 fps, 48 fps ES.

Rooster HVR   Average 2.2", 1525 fps, 47 fps ES.  

Conclusions   Data is probably tainted by scope problem.