Mountain Molds
Range Report 6/30/2004

Experiments included loverin boolits in the '06, lubes in the 357 snubby, and Lil Gun in the 357.

Ballisticast lube   average 5.2", 1253 fps, very light streaks at muzzle.   This lube had already been tested and was used as today's control load.   I forgot to record today's ES data for Ballisticast, but in the past it has been in the 70 fps neighborhood.

Speed Green   average 5.2", 1235 fps, 91 ES, very light streaks at muzzle.   This is a firm but not hard lube with synthetic ingredients that may make it less temperature sensitive than conventional lubes.   Available from the Bull Shop

1/3/3 Taurak/Beeswax/parrafin   average 4.7", 1235 fps, 69 fps ES, very light streaks at muzzle.   This was my first attempt to create a homemade hard lube.   It turned out quite firm but not as hard as Ballisticast or Rooster HVR so I was a little disappointed.

Conclusions   Ballisticast gives slightly higher velocities, probably because it is harder and tougher so it forms a better gas seal.   Rooster HVR gave even better velocities, and was cleaner, too, but for some reason wasn't quite as accurate, so it looks like Ballisticast is this gun's overall favorite by a tiny margin.   Speed Green and the 1/3/3 might give higher velocities if they were harder, but I am quite happy with the performance of all of these lubes.

Lil Gun in the 357 snubby The usual bullet and load except with Lil Gun, a standard primer, and 3-shot strings for velocity data only.   17.5 gr. -- 1063 fps, 12 ES, one shot off target, 18.5 gr. -- 1092 fps, 17 ES, 14" vertical stringing, 19.5 gr. -- 1171 fps, 95 ES, 5.7" vertical stringing.   I'll try again with 20 grains, if I can cram 20 gr. in the case, but Lil Gun is not looking good.

58 gr. IMR4350 & 180 gr Loverin   2749 fps, 30 ES, 4.7".   That doesn't sound so great but 13 of the 15 shots were in a 3" group, so at least we have an honest group instead of a pattern, and one of the fliers was the first shot with a just-cleaned barrel.   On the down side, velocities decreased a little as more shots were fired (2761 fps, then 2746 fps, then 2741 fps), which could be a sign that the barrel was fouling.

56 gr. IMR4350 & 205 gr. Loverin   2591 fps, 30 ES, 4.5".   Dispersion was primarily vertical.   On the plus side, groups and velocities were very consistent.

Conclusions   I'm pretty happy with the heavy Loverins.   The 180 grain accuracy at least showed a little potential, and velocities were near-normal, suggesting a decent gas seal.   And I didn't even have to use a 0.318" bullet!   The 180 grainer is worth tinkering with some more.