A 270 rifle, also known as a .270 Winchester, is a popular bolt-action rifle used for hunting and long-distance shooting. It was introduced in 1925 and has since gained a reputation for its flat trajectory and accuracy. But just how far can a 270 rifle shoot?

On average, a 270 rifle can shoot accurately up to 500 yards or 457 meters. However, with proper adjustments and skilled shooting, it can potentially reach distances of up to 1000 yards or 914 meters. This distance is primarily dependent on various factors such as bullet weight, muzzle velocity, and external conditions.

Bullet weight and muzzle velocity play a crucial role in how far a 270 rifle can shoot. A heavier bullet with a higher muzzle velocity has a more extended range compared to a lighter bullet with lower velocity. Additionally, external factors such as wind speed and direction, temperature, and altitude can affect the distance a 270 rifle can shoot.

To maximize the distance a 270 rifle can shoot, it is crucial to use high-quality bullets with a high ballistic coefficient. Some popular options for long-distance shooting with a 270 include the 130 gr Nosler Accubond, 150 gr Nosler Ballistic Tip, and 140 gr Berger VLD Hunting.

A good scope is also essential for long-distance shooting with a 270 rifle. Look for scopes with a magnification range of at least 12x to 20x for better precision at longer distances. Features to consider include the reticle type, turret adjustments, and lens quality.

To improve accuracy and distance with a 270 rifle, it is essential to practice proper shooting techniques such as keeping a stable shooting position, controlling your breathing, and using a proper grip. Accessories such as a bipod, shooting rest, and rangefinder can also aid in improving accuracy and distance. With the right equipment and skills, a 270 rifle can be a formidable choice for long-distance shooting.

Key Takeaways:


  • A 270 rifle can shoot accurately up to 1000 yards, but factors such as bullet type and scope quality can affect the distance.
  • The best bullets for long distance shooting with a 270 have high ballistic coefficients, which help with accuracy and velocity.
  • To improve accuracy and distance with a 270 rifle, proper shooting techniques and essential accessories like bipods and shooting rests are crucial.


What Is a 270 Rifle?

A 270 rifle is a powerful firearm designed for long-range shooting, renowned for its precision and flat trajectory. It utilizes a .270 caliber bullet and is frequently utilized for hunting larger game such as deer and elk. With an effective range of up to 500 yards, the 270 rifle is a top choice among hunters and sports shooters.

Fun fact: The manageable recoil of the 270 rifle also makes it a favored option, providing stability and accuracy in shooting.

How Far Can a 270 Shoot?

  • Determine the bullet grain and type for your .270 caliber rifle.
  • Consider external factors like wind speed, elevation, and temperature.
  • Use a ballistics calculator to estimate the maximum effective range of your rifle.

Pro-tip: To understand the capabilities of your rifle, regularly practice shooting at various distances.

What Factors Affect the Distance a 270 Can Shoot?

Several factors can affect the distance a 270 rifle is capable of shooting, including the weight of the bullet, muzzle velocity, barrel length, and environmental conditions such as wind speed and direction.

For optimal accuracy and distance, it is recommended to use heavy bullets with high ballistic coefficients and to invest in a quality scope with suitable magnification and features specifically designed for long-distance shooting.

What Are the Best Bullets for Long Distance Shooting with a 270?

When searching for the best bullets for long-distance shooting with a .270, it is important to prioritize high ballistic coefficients and excellent aerodynamics. Some popular choices among precision shooters include:

  • Hornady ELD-X
  • Nosler AccuBond
  • Berger VLD

These bullets are highly regarded for their ability to maintain accuracy, energy retention, and minimal wind drift, making them well-suited for achieving long-range shooting goals with a .270 rifle.

What Are the Ballistic Coefficients of These Bullets?

The table below displays the ballistic coefficients of commonly used bullets for long-distance shooting with a 270 rifle:

Bullet TypeBallistic Coefficient

These ballistic coefficients are essential in determining the bullets’ ability to overcome air resistance and maintain velocity at long distances.

What Are the Best Scopes for Shooting Long Distances with a 270?

When searching for the best scopes for shooting long distances with a 270, consider options such as the Leupold VX-3i and Vortex Diamondback Tactical. These scopes offer exceptional clarity and adjustable magnification, making them ideal for precision shooting.

For ultimate performance, the Nightforce ATACR is a top choice with its excellent light transmission and long-range capabilities. Remember to prioritize clarity, magnification range, and durability when selecting a scope for optimal long-distance shooting.

What Is the Magnification Range Needed for Long Distance Shooting?

When determining the necessary magnification range for long distance shooting, it is recommended to use a scope with a range of 12x to 20x for a 270 rifle. This range allows for clear and precise targeting at extended distances, resulting in improved accuracy and performance. It is important to choose a scope with adjustable magnification settings to suit different shooting scenarios and distances.

What Are the Features to Look for in a Long Distance Shooting Scope?

When choosing a long-distance shooting scope, it is important to consider the following features:

  • Optical Quality: Look for scopes with high-quality glass and lens coatings to ensure clarity and optimal light transmission.
  • Magnification Range: Opt for scopes with variable magnification to provide versatility in various shooting scenarios.
  • Adjustment Turrets: Select scopes with precise and repeatable elevation and windage adjustments for accurate long-distance shooting.
  • Reticle Type: Choose scopes with reticles specifically designed for long-range shooting, such as mil-dot or Christmas tree-style reticles.

How to Improve Accuracy and Distance with a 270 Rifle?

  • To improve accuracy and distance with a 270 rifle, it is crucial to select the right ammunition with a high ballistic coefficient.
  • Investing in a quality scope and mounting it properly can also greatly improve precise aiming and target acquisition.
  • Proper shooting techniques, such as breath control, trigger squeeze, and maintaining a steady shooting position, are essential for achieving accuracy and distance.
  • Regular maintenance of the rifle is also important to ensure consistent accuracy and distance.

History also highlights legendary sharpshooters like Carlos Hathcock, who achieved remarkable accuracy and distance with their rifles, showcasing the importance of both skill and equipment in achieving success.

What Are the Best Shooting Techniques for Long Distances?

  • Proper body positioning: When shooting at long distances, it is crucial to maintain a stable stance, align your body with the target, and distribute your weight evenly.
  • Breath control: To achieve accuracy, control your breathing and release the shot at the natural respiratory pause.
  • Trigger control: Avoid jerking or flinching by applying smooth, consistent pressure on the trigger.
  • Sight picture: For precision, focus on aligning the front and rear sights with the target.
  • Follow-through: After firing, maintain the shooting position to observe the bullet impact and make any necessary adjustments.

What Are the Essential Accessories for Long Distance Shooting?

Essential accessories for long-distance shooting with a 270 rifle include:

  • High-quality bipods for stability
  • Adjustable precision scopes with a magnification range of 10x to 20x
  • Ballistic calculators for accurate long-range shooting

Fact: What are the essential accessories for long-distance shooting? Bipods and high-quality scopes are crucial for precision and stability when shooting long distances with a 270 rifle.

Frequently Asked Questions

How far can a 270 shoot accurately?

A 270 rifle is a popular choice for hunting mid-sized to large game animals. It can shoot accurately up to 500 yards, making it suitable for taking down animals like deer and elk.

What factors affect the shooting distance of a 270 rifle?

The barrel length and caliber of the rifle are important factors to consider when determining the shooting distance. A longer barrel length, such as 24 inches, allows for greater shooting distance.

What is the maximum effective range of a 270 rifle?

The 270 rifle has a maximum effective range of 500 yards, but its accuracy may decrease at longer distances.

What type of ammunition is best for hunting deer with a 270 rifle?

For hunting deer, 130-grain bullets are the best choice for a balance between power and weight.

Can a 270 rifle shoot accurately at longer distances?

With properly set up equipment and skilled shooting, a 270 rifle can shoot accurately at longer distances, even up to 600 yards.

What is the best approach for determining the proper distance to shoot with a 270 rifle?

The best approach is to research and consult experts to determine the best ammunition and equipment for the specific hunting situation. A range finder, quality instruction, and friendly competition can also help in determining distance and improving accuracy.

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