Are you on the hunt for the best rounds to take down coyotes? Look no further! In this article, we will explore the top choices for coyote hunting, including the “Lights-Out” .22’s like the .223 Remington, .22/250 Remington, and .220 Swift. We will also discuss big-game crossovers such as the .25/06 Remington, .243 Winchester, and 6mm Creedmoor. Plus, we’ll cover the best rounds for fur like the .204 Ruger and .17 Hornet. Stay tuned for insights on modern .22’s, shotguns, and final thoughts on the best coyote rounds.

Key Takeaways:

  • “Choose a .22 round for precision and accuracy when hunting coyotes, especially the .223 Remington, .22/250 Remington, and .220 Swift.”
  • “For a versatile round that can also take down larger game, consider the .25/06 Remington, .243 Winchester, or 6mm Creedmoor.”
  • “If you’re hunting for fur, the .204 Ruger or .17 Hornet are the best rounds to minimize pelt damage.”

The Best Coyote Rounds

In terms of selecting the best coyote rounds, hunters often look for precision, speed, and reliable performance to ensure a successful hunt in diverse terrains and conditions.

Caliber plays a crucial role in determining the effectiveness of the ammunition for coyote hunting. A common choice among hunters is the .223 Remington for its balance between power and recoil control. Bullet type, such as hollow point or ballistic tip, impacts the expansion and penetration upon impact, crucial for efficiently taking down coyotes.

Considering the ballistic characteristics of the round is essential. Factors like trajectory, energy retention, and velocity are paramount in ensuring accurate shot placement and terminal performance. Experienced hunters often opt for rounds with high ballistic coefficients and consistent performance across different ranges.

The “Lights-Out” .22’s

For enthusiasts of coyote hunting, the “Lights-Out” .22’s offer a combination of accuracy, speed, and versatility that can make them ideal choices for taking down coyotes effectively and efficiently.

Many hunters have found that the .22 caliber ammunition provides a perfect balance between power and precision when dealing with these elusive predators. The light weight of the round allows for quick follow-up shots, crucial in scenarios where multiple shots may be needed. With advancements in ballistics technology, rounds such as the CCI Velocitor or the Federal Premium V-Shok deliver exceptional performance at longer ranges, ensuring a humane and ethical harvest. Renowned hunters like Fred Eichler swear by the reliability and effectiveness of using .22 caliber rounds for coyote hunting, proving their worth in diverse hunting situations.

.223 Remington

The .223 Remington round, known for its versatility and accuracy, has gained popularity among coyote hunters for its consistent performance and effective results in various hunting situations.

.22/250 Remington

The .22/250 Remington round, coupled with precision rifles like the Bergara Premier and optics such as Leupold VX5HD, offers coyote hunters a potent combination of long-range accuracy and reliable performance for successful hunts.

.220 Swift

The .220 Swift round, favored by experienced hunters like Frank Glaser and John B. Snow, is renowned for its high velocity and flat trajectory, making it a reliable choice for coyote hunting at extended ranges.

Big-Game Crossovers

In some cases, hunters may opt for big-game crossover rounds like the .25/06 Remington, .243 Winchester, or 6mm Creedmoor for coyote hunting, offering a balance between power, accuracy, and versatility.

In terms of coyote hunting, the use of big-game cartridges designed for larger animals can be a matter of personal preference and hunting style. These cartridges, typically associated with big-game hunting, can surprisingly perform exceptionally well for smaller predators like coyotes. Their terminal ballistics, which refer to the bullet’s performance upon impact, are often well-suited for taking down coyotes effectively.

While some may argue that using a cartridge with greater power than necessary for coyotes could result in excessive damage to the hide or meat, the controlled expansion and penetration of .25/06 Remington, .243 Winchester, and 6mm Creedmoor rounds can enhance the hunting experience by ensuring a quick and humane kill.

.25/06 Remington

The .25/06 Remington round, known for its power and versatility in big-game hunting, can also be a viable option for coyote hunting when precision and energy transfer are essential for successful shots.

.243 Winchester

The .243 Winchester round, when paired with precision rifles and optics like the Bergara Premier and Leupold VX5HD, offers coyote hunters a reliable combination of accuracy, range, and ballistic performance for successful hunts.

6mm Creedmoor

The 6mm Creedmoor round, a favorite among experienced hunters like Frank Glaser and John B. Snow, offers exceptional accuracy, low recoil, and impressive ballistic performance for coyote hunting applications.

Best for Fur

Hunters looking to preserve pelts or fur quality may prefer rounds like the .204 Ruger or .17 Hornet, known for their minimal pelt damage and precise performance, which can be crucial for fur-bearing game.

When considering rounds for hunting purposes, it’s essential to understand the impact they can have on the fur of the game. The .204 Ruger and .17 Hornet stand out due to their ability to deliver high velocity with minimal damage. The .204 Ruger, with its flat trajectory and excellent accuracy, is favored for varmint hunting where preserving fur quality is key. On the other hand, the .17 Hornet, known for its light recoil and impressive energy transfer, is a popular choice among hunters targeting small game species.

The Modern .22’s

The modern .22 caliber ammunition has evolved to offer improved performance, reliability, and accuracy, making it a popular choice among coyote hunters seeking precision and effectiveness in the field.

One of the key aspects of these advancements is the enhanced bullet design that maximizes energy transfer upon impact, increasing the likelihood of a clean and ethical kill. Terminal ballistics have also seen significant improvements, with specialized .22 rounds delivering consistent expansion and deep penetration, crucial for taking down coyotes effectively.

Notable hunters in the industry, like Jim Shockey and Eva Shockey, have praised the modern .22 rounds for their ability to deliver lethal performance while minimizing pelt damage, showcasing the versatility and reliability of these rounds in various hunting scenarios.


While rifles are commonly used for coyote hunting, shotguns loaded with appropriate ammunition can also be effective in certain scenarios, offering hunters a versatile option for close-range encounters or specialized hunting situations.

One of the key advantages of using shotguns for coyote hunting is their ability to deliver a wide spread of pellets, increasing the chances of hitting a fast-moving target. This can be particularly useful in dense cover or when hunting in areas with limited visibility. Shotguns are often more forgiving in terms of aiming precision compared to rifles, making them ideal for hunters who may not have the steadiest hand or the sharpest eyes.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the best coyote rounds involves considering factors such as accuracy, terminal performance, and suitability for hunting conditions, ensuring that hunters can make informed decisions based on their preferences and hunting requirements.

In terms of performance, the ideal coyote rounds should offer consistent accuracy at various ranges, helping hunters achieve precise shots for clean kills. Moreover, versatility is key, as rounds that can perform well in different scenarios, whether long-range shooting or close encounters, provide flexibility to handle diverse hunting situations effectively. Additionally, effectiveness plays a crucial role, ensuring that the chosen ammunition has the right combination of power and expansion to deliver quick, humane kills on coyotes.

Big-Game Crossovers

Exploring big-game crossover rounds such as the .25/06 Remington, .243 Winchester, and 6mm Creedmoor for coyote hunting provides hunters with versatile options that balance power, accuracy, and performance in a variety of hunting scenarios.

These cartridges are popular choices among hunters due to their excellent trajectory, manageable recoil, and flat-shooting capabilities. The .25/06 Remington, known for its high velocity and long-range accuracy, is ideal for open terrain hunting where shots can be taken at extended distances. On the other hand, the .243 Winchester offers a good compromise between power and recoil, making it suitable for various hunting environments.

In terms of the 6mm Creedmoor, hunters appreciate its exceptional accuracy and ballistic performance, making it well-suited for precision shooting and taking down coyotes with precision shots. Each of these cartridges boasts unique features that cater to different hunting styles and preferences.

Best for Fur

For hunters focused on preserving fur quality, ammunition choices like the .204 Ruger and .17 Hornet provide options that minimize pelt damage while delivering precise performance tailored for fur-bearing game.

Both the .204 Ruger and .17 Hornet are lauded for their ability to strike a balance between impact force and minimizing unnecessary damage to the pelt. The .204 Ruger, known for its high velocity and flat trajectory, is ideal for precise shots without excessive pelt disruption. On the other hand, the .17 Hornet offers exceptional accuracy and minimal fur disturbance, making it a top choice for hunters looking to maintain the value of their pelts. These calibers are particularly advantageous when hunting coyotes, foxes, or other small game where fur preservation is a priority.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best coyote round for hunting?

The best coyote round for hunting is subjective and can vary depending on personal preference. Some popular options include the .223 Remington, .243 Winchester, and .22-250 Remington.

What is the most effective caliber for coyote hunting?

The most effective caliber for coyote hunting is often debated, but some commonly used rounds include the .223 Remington, .243 Winchester, and .22-250 Remington. Ultimately, the effectiveness of a round will also depend on the shooter’s accuracy and skill.

Are there any specific bullet types that are recommended for coyote hunting?

For coyote hunting, it is recommended to use a lighter weight bullet with a pointed or hollow point design. This allows for faster velocities and better terminal performance, resulting in a more effective shot.

Why is shot placement important when using the best coyote round?

Shot placement is crucial when using any round for hunting, but especially when using the best coyote round. Coyotes are smaller and more agile animals, so precise shot placement is necessary for a clean and ethical kill.

What is the expected range for shooting with the best coyote round?

The effective range for shooting with the best coyote round can vary depending on the caliber and the shooter’s skill. However, most coyote hunters aim for shots within 200-300 yards for optimal accuracy and success.

Are there any factors to consider when choosing the best coyote round?

When choosing the best coyote round, it is important to consider factors such as bullet weight, velocity, and terminal performance. It is also important to choose a round that works well with your specific firearm and meets your personal hunting needs.

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