Cast Bullet Articles and links

Cast Bullet Related Links
Bullet Swaging Supply (home of Larry Blackmon’s Gator Checks)
303 McMillan Road
West Monroe, LA 71291
(318) 387-7257
Fax (318) 325-7034
CabineTree BHN tester
Buckshot’s custom H&I; dies, and custom push-thru sizing dies: email “tunell AT verizon DOT net”
CBA forum   sponsored by the Cast Bullet Association
Some worthwhile sites
Quickload , awesome interior ballistics software
Pressure Trace and Denton Bramwell’s pressure articles
TMT online software to calculate BC.   Great site, geared to cast bullets!
Arms and Ammo , good prices on powder & primers.
Grafs, good selection of sizing dies and bullet lubes.
Lock, Stock, & Barrel good prices on gas checks.
Mike Bellm, must-read articles for TC owners
John Ross, novelist, and S&W; 500 guru
My Articles and Range Reports
Range Report 2/23/05, progress with PB in S&W; 44, PP in 30-06
seating depth vs. bullet pull
Revolver Dimensions: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Range Report 7/29/04, S&W; 44 chokes on plain base
Recipe book for my experimental lubes
Testing the Lee Factory Crimp Die
Range Report 7/19/04, more deep seated 357, more hi-vel Loverins
Range Report 7/13/04, deep seated 357, hi-vel Loverins
Range Report 7/6/04, Lil Gun, hi-vel Loverins
Range Report 6/30/04, more lubes, hi-vel Loverins
Range Report 6/24/04, more lubes
Range Report 5/20/04, more lubes, Keith base
Range Report 5/6/04, more lube tests
Range Report 4/26/04, lube tests
Range Report 3/29/04, diameter, WC820 vs. H110
Range Report 3/22/04, diameter, liquid alox
Range Report 3/9/04, Rooster Jacket, WC820
Thoughts on lube grooves
Add tin to WW ???
Casting equipment
Greenhill’s formula
ABC’s of ogives
My personal loads: 357
Designing a revolver bullet
What cast rifle bullets want
Designing a bullet for the Star Sizer
XL Blocks tested with 640 grain bullet
Modifying Lyman Handles to Fit Other Blocks
Home-made hardness tester
New Load for an Old 44: Part I
SBS — the Shrunken Bullet Syndrome
Statistics for shooters