Contact and FAQ’s

If you would like to contact us please use the form below.


How long is your lead time?     The current lead time is always posted on the home page.

Phone number?     Sorry, there is no phone.

What is your specialty?   I’m glad you asked!   Mountain Molds specializes in semi-custom molds for revolvers, lever actions, and high velocity.

Will you design a bullet for me?   No, but if you want to mail a chamber impression I will gladly measure it and let you know the results.

Will you copy a bullet if I send you a sample?   If it is something that can be created with the design program.

Will you make a bullet with extra deep grease grooves?   No, lathe boring is poorly suited to cutting deep grooves.

Will you make a tumblelube bullet ?   My testing showed that tumblelube grooves shot no better than conventional grooves, with either tumblelube or conventional lube.   Any grooved bullet can be tumblelubed.

Can you make a spitzer / round nose / Postell ?   I hope to introduce a few spitzer target bullets sometime in 2016.   They will be standard designs.

Can you make smooth bullets for paper patching?   I’m afraid the online design program was not set up to cut smooth bullets.   In any event, any bullet can be paper patched providing it is the correct diameter.   Colonel Harrison claimed that grooved paperpatch bullets were more accurate than smooth paperpatch bullets.

Will you cut other brands of blocks?   No.

Can you cut a custom design?   Sorry, if it cannot be created with the online design program, then I cannot do it.

Can you make a hollow base or hollow point?   No.

Can you make a nose pour mold?   No.

Can you make a 12 gauge mold?   No, there’s not enough space between the handles.

Do you make molds for air rifles?   No, Mountain Molds specializes in semi-custom molds for revolvers, lever actions, and high velocity.

Why doesn’t the design program let me specify a black powder alloy?   Because I made a decision not to make black powder molds for both business reasons and health reasons.   The fumes from black powder alloys make me ill.

What’s the deal with bore riding bullets?   My bore riding option was intended for lever action bullets that require a stepped nose, and for revolver bullets where an oversize bore rider is sometimes useful.   I am not a fan of the traditional long bore riding nose for bolt actions and single shots.

Will you cut two designs in the same block?   No.

What about round ball molds?   No.   Try Jeff Tanner

Are handles included?   No.   My blocks take either the Lee 6-cavity handles or RCBS handles.   Current production Lyman/Saeco (same thing) handles can be modified to fit.

Do you make 4 or 6 cavity molds   No.   Lathe boring is a very slow and unreliable way to cut cavities, best suited to 1 or 2 cavity molds