A form-fitting nose punch is available for metplats that are no larger than 75% of the bullet diameter.   Meplats larger than 75% require a flat punch (see below).   Fitted punches must be tested for fit, so either order the punch and mold together or else mail a sample bullet.   Sorry, we don’t make punches to fit other brands of molds.

SizerPriceDescribe Bullet
Lyman/RCBS$20 (4 oz.)


Saeco$25 (4 oz.)

A 35 caliber flat nose punch will work for most big bore flat point or semi-wadcutter bullets *if* the sizing die has a decent taper.   You don’t need to buy a flat nose punch for each and every caliber.

A personal observation: many believe that a fitted punch is necessary to avoid damage to the bullet as it enters the die. It is true that mass produced sizing dies are known to damage bullets as they enter the die. That is because the die lacks sufficient taper at the entrance. The real solution is to modify the die to have a smooth taper at the entrance. A good die will “self-align” the bullet even if it is started slightly crooked.


SizerPriceCaliber Of Flat Punch
Lyman/RCBS$10 (4 oz.)


Saeco$15 (4 oz.)


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