Are you new to the world of paddle holsters and looking for guidance on how to effectively wear one? Understanding the ins and outs of paddle holsters and knowing how to wear them properly is crucial for anyone who wants to carry a concealed firearm comfortably and securely.

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the different aspects of paddle holsters, including their types, how to choose the right holster and attire, the proper way to put on a paddle holster, and considerations for their use. Whether you’re a seasoned gun owner or a beginner looking to enhance your concealed carry experience, this article will provide you with the essential knowledge and tips to confidently wear a paddle holster.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand the different types of paddle holsters and choose the right one for your gun and attire.
  • Properly put on and adjust your paddle holster for comfort, accessibility, and safety.
  • Consider comfort, concealment, and key features when choosing a quality paddle holster.

How to Wear a Paddle Holster

Regarding wearing a paddle holster, understanding the equipment and proper techniques is essential for a comfortable and secure carry.

One crucial aspect of proper paddle holster wearing is the role of the belt. A sturdy and reliable gun belt is essential for ensuring proper support and weight distribution, which helps prevent discomfort and maintain the positioning of the holster. Understanding the correct positioning of the holster on the belt is vital. Placing it at the ideal spot on the waistline ensures accessibility and security while also preventing printing.

For those considering concealed carry, the choice of clothing also plays a significant role. Selecting garments that effectively conceal the holster and firearm without impeding accessibility is paramount. Understanding how your body’s movements and activities might impact the positioning of the holster is crucial for a successful concealed carry experience.

Understanding Paddle Holsters

Paddle holsters are a popular choice for gun owners seeking a secure and accessible method of carry, offering a balance of comfort and security.

What is a Paddle Holster?

A paddle holster is a type of gun holster designed to be worn outside the waistband, providing a comfortable and accessible carry option for firearm owners.

One of the defining characteristics of a paddle holster is its contoured design, which allows it to be easily attached and removed without the need for a belt. This feature contributes to its convenience and suitability for concealed carry. The paddle attachment provides stability and ensures that the holster stays securely in place, offering a reliable option for those who prefer a quick draw.

The adjustable cant angle adds versatility, allowing users to customize their carry position for optimal comfort and accessibility. These features make paddle holsters a popular choice among firearm enthusiasts and professionals.

Types of Paddle Holsters

Paddle holsters come in various types, including those made of leather or Kydex, with adjustable clips or belt loops for personalized carry positions and retention options.

Leather paddle holsters are known for their classic look and feel, providing a snug fit and excellent retention for the firearm. On the other hand, Kydex paddle holsters offer a more modern and lightweight option, often with customizable cant and ride height adjustments.

Adjustable clips on paddle holsters allow users to modify the angle and cant of the holster to suit their preferred draw style. For those who prefer belt loops, they provide a more secure and close-to-body carry method. Some paddle holsters also feature adjustable tension screws for enhanced retention, catering to individual comfort and safety needs.

Choosing the Right Holster and Attire

Selecting the appropriate gun and holster, along with suitable attire, is crucial for a comfortable and secure paddle holster experience.

Selecting the Appropriate Gun and Holster

The process of choosing the right gun and holster for paddle carry involves considerations such as concealment, retention, and overall comfort, with reputable brands like Vedder Holsters offering quality options.

Concealment is critical for paddle carry as it ensures that the firearm remains discreetly hidden. Look for holsters with customizable cant and ride height to achieve optimal concealment. Consider the clothing you typically wear to ensure compatibility with your chosen holster.

Retention is another vital factor. A holster with adjustable retention allows you to secure the gun firmly, providing peace of mind while maintaining quick access. Thumb release or passive retention systems are popular choices for paddle holsters.

Comfort plays a crucial role in ensuring that you can carry your gun all day without discomfort. Look for padded and breathable materials, ergonomic designs, and adjustable features to enhance comfort during extended wear.

Choosing Suitable Clothing for Paddle Holster

Selecting appropriate clothing to complement the paddle holster and concealed carry setup is essential for ensuring a comfortable and discreet carry experience.

When choosing clothing for a paddle holster or concealed carry, it’s important to consider the fabric’s weight and thickness. Lightweight yet durable fabrics like polyester blends can provide the necessary support and concealment without adding unnecessary bulk. Opting for a slightly looser fit can help with concealing the holster and firearm while ensuring freedom of movement. It’s also crucial to select clothing with sturdy belt loops or a reinforced waistband, allowing them to accommodate the weight of the holster and belt without sagging. These considerations are vital for both comfort and concealment.

Putting on the Paddle Holster

Properly holstering the pistol with a paddle holster and ensuring a secure and accessible fit is fundamental for a safe and effective carry experience.

Proper Holstering of the Pistol

Holstering the pistol with a paddle holster necessitates a focus on concealment, security, and proper fit, with trusted brands like Vedder Holsters offering reliable options.

When selecting a paddle holster for your pistol, it’s crucial to ensure that it provides comprehensive coverage for concealment while maintaining quick access for the user. A secure retention mechanism is essential to prevent accidental dislodging of the firearm, especially during physical activities. The holster must offer an optimal fit, ensuring the pistol is held firmly in place without compromising comfort or restricting movement. Vedder Holsters, known for their attention to detail and quality craftsmanship, provides options that satisfy these critical criteria.

Tucking It in Place

Ensuring the paddle holster is securely tucked in place, complementing the belt and providing a comfortable and concealed carry, is a critical aspect of the holstering process.

When the paddle holster is secured properly, it offers an optimal blend of support and comfort, ensuring the user can go about their activities without hindrance. Additionally, retention becomes paramount as it prevents the firearm from shifting or becoming dislodged during movement, contributing to overall safety.

The secure positioning helps with concealment, enabling the carrier to maintain a low profile and avoid drawing unnecessary attention. This is especially crucial in everyday scenarios where discretion is key.

By integrating the holster securely, it fosters a sense of confidence for the carrier. It grants peace of mind, knowing that their firearm is readily accessible yet firmly in place, ready for deployment if the need arises.

Adjustment, Usage, and Removal

Effectively adjusting, utilizing, and safely removing the paddle holster is pivotal for ensuring comfort, accessibility, and security throughout the carry experience.

Adjusting the Holster for Comfort and Accessibility

Properly adjusting the paddle holster for comfort and accessibility is essential for optimizing the concealed carry experience, especially with adjustable options offering personalized fit.

Regarding customizing the fit of a paddle holster, tweaking the cant angle can significantly impact comfort and draw accessibility. By adjusting the cant angle, the holster’s orientation can be perfectly aligned with the wearer’s body, ensuring a seamless draw and comfortable carry.

Adjusting the ride height allows for fine-tuning the positioning of the holster, accommodating individual preferences and body types for a personalized and secure fit.

Using the Paddle Holster Effectively

Effectively utilizing the paddle holster involves prioritizing security, accessibility, and comfort, ensuring a reliable and discreet concealed carry experience.

Regarding security, a paddle holster should provide a secure fit for your firearm, preventing any movement or accidental release. Accessibility is crucial – the holster should allow for smooth and quick drawing, without compromising on safety. Comfort plays a significant role in ensuring that the holster doesn’t cause discomfort or impede movement during extended wear. Proper adjustment and positioning are key to achieving all these aspects.

Safe and Proper Removal of the Holster

The safe and proper removal of the paddle holster is crucial to conclude the carry experience, emphasizing security and a meticulous approach to holster removal.

When removing a paddle holster, it’s essential to first ensure that the firearm is securely holstered. Grip the holster and firearm firmly, making sure to keep the trigger finger away from the trigger guard. Slowly lift the holster away from the body, being mindful of any clothing or obstructions to avoid accidental dislodging or mishandling of the firearm.

Always maintain a controlled and deliberate movement, and once the holster is clear of the body, carefully return the firearm to a safe storage position. Before reholstering, visually inspect the holster and firearm to ensure it’s free from any obstructions or foreign objects. This methodical approach prioritizes safety and precision in every step of holster removal.

Considerations for Paddle Holster Use

When using a paddle holster, considerations such as comfort, retention, and the American-made quality of the equipment play a significant role in optimizing the carry experience.

Comfort and Concealment

Achieving a balance between comfort and concealment with a paddle holster involves carefully selecting the carry position, accommodating the belt, and prioritizing overall comfort.

When considering the carry position, factors such as body shape, dominant hand, and ease of access should be taken into account. The belt should be sturdy enough to support the holster and firearm without causing discomfort during movement or sitting. The material and width of the belt play a crucial role in ensuring a secure fit and distribution of weight.

Overall comfort is essential for all-day wear, dictating choices in holster design, padding, and adjustability. A comfortable paddle holster encourages regular use and significantly enhances the carrying experience, promoting responsible firearm handling.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Paddle Holsters

Paddle holsters offer distinct benefits such as security and accessibility, but they also present drawbacks related to retention and the selection of reliable brands like Fobus.

Paddle holsters provide a comfortable and easily accessible carry option for firearms enthusiasts. The paddle attachment allows for quick on and off without the need to undo your belt, making it ideal for situations where speed is crucial.

Some users have expressed concerns about the retention level of paddle holsters, as the lack of a belt attachment may affect the stability of the holster during physical activities. It’s important for users to select reputable brands like Fobus to ensure durability, proper fit, and reliable performance.

Key Features to Look for in a Quality Paddle Holster

Identifying key features in a quality paddle holster, such as adjustability, clip options, and compatibility with OWB setups, is vital for an optimal carry experience.

Adjustability is crucial for achieving the perfect fit, ensuring that the holster conforms to your body and firearm, providing both comfort and retention. Look for holsters with adjustable cant and ride height to accommodate various body types and preferences.

Clip options offer versatility in how the holster is secured to your clothing or belt. Some holsters feature adjustable clips to allow for different carry positions, while others may offer quick-detach options for added convenience.

When considering compatibility with OWB setups, the holster should offer a secure fit while providing ease of access. Look for features such as adjustable retention and a durable design that can withstand the demands of OWB carry.


Mastering the art of wearing a paddle holster is not only about safety and leveraging the right equipment from reputable sources like Vedder Holsters.

It’s essential to prioritize safety when it comes to carrying a firearm, and using a paddle holster designed with high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship is crucial. Vedder Holsters, renowned for their commitment to excellence, offers a range of paddle holsters that provide not only comfort and accessibility but also peace of mind through their secure and reliable designs.

By choosing a reputable source like Vedder Holsters, individuals can ensure that they are investing in a holster that meets stringent safety standards and offers optimal performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I properly wear a paddle holster?

To wear a paddle holster, first slide the paddle over your waistband. Then, position the holster at your preferred carry position and secure it by tightening the retention screws. Finally, ensure that the paddle is securely attached to your waistband for a comfortable and secure fit.

What are the benefits of wearing a paddle holster?

Wearing a paddle holster offers several benefits, including easy and quick access to your firearm, comfortable and secure carry, and the ability to adjust the angle of carry for optimal concealment and draw.

Can I wear a paddle holster for all types of firearms?

Paddle holsters are designed to fit specific firearm models, so it is important to choose a holster that is compatible with your specific firearm. However, many paddle holsters are versatile and can fit a variety of firearm sizes within the same brand and model.

Is there a specific way to adjust the retention on a paddle holster?

To adjust the retention on a paddle holster, first loosen the retention screws. Then, insert your firearm and adjust the screws until you reach your desired level of retention. It is important to test the retention by vigorously shaking the holster to ensure your firearm stays securely in place.

Can I wear a paddle holster with any type of clothing?

Paddle holsters offer a versatile and comfortable carry option for a variety of clothing styles. However, it is important to consider the thickness and material of your clothing when choosing a paddle holster, as thicker materials may affect the fit and comfort of the holster.

How do I care for and maintain my paddle holster?

To care for your paddle holster, regularly inspect and clean it to remove any debris or buildup. You can also use a small amount of lubricant on the retention screws to ensure they function properly. It is also important to store your holster in a cool, dry place to prevent damage to the material and retention mechanisms.

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