I braved the mud and snow to go do some shooting for the first time this year.   Experiments included a PB bullet in the ’06, Rooster Jacket tumble lube, and WC820 powder.

  • Rem M700 30-06, 6X scope
  • CCI 200 primers
  • 16.0 gr. 2400 powder
  • 1655 fps
  • 150 gr. heat treated WW, not sized, tapering 0.307″ to 0.314″
  • average of three 5-shot groups at 100 yds
  • lube was the only variable

Taurek / Beeswax was applied to the bottom groove only.   It averaged 3.5″.   At the end of the string,the barrel was clean and there was lube around the muzzle crown, suggesting adequate or perhaps even excessive lube.

Rooster Jacket & Moly   A little moly powder was mixed with Rooster Jacket.   It averaged 3.7″.   The barrel was mostly clean but there was a hint of leading about 2″ down from the throat.

Rooster Jacket   First group was 9.1″, the second group was walking off the target.   I gave up at that point.   The barrel was definitely fouled.   The velocity did not change appreciably during this test, but the POI walked up the target as the barrel fouled.   The last shots were 6″ – 8″ higher than the first shots of the day.

Conclusions   The Rooster Jacket & Moly did noticeably better than Rooster Jacket alone.   Rooster Jacket alone is definitely not up to this job.   The leading just ahead of the throat was curious as I have never seen leading there before.   I thought it was interesting that the fouling raised the POI, even though the velocity was unchanged.   I’d like to retest the Rooster Jacket & Moly with the bullet sized to 0.309″, and also with a filler.

  • Ruger Speed Six 357 2 5/8″
  • CCI 550 primers
  • 17.0 gr. WC820 powder
  • 1297 fps
  • 35_FP_160_snub, air-cooled WW+Sn
  • average of three 5-shot groups at 50 yds

WC820   This was the first time I’d tried WC820.   The load was intended to be 1200 fps but I miscalculated and hit 1297 fps.   The Ruger didn’t mind but it is really too hot so don’t try to duplicate it.   WC820 is advertised as being like H110 but it is actually more like AA #9 or Ramshot Enforcer.   Next time I will use Enforcer powder data.

Rooster Jacket & Moly   Averaged 8.1″.   I didn’t take the accuracy too seriously because I haven’t shot all winter and this gun takes practice to shoot well.   After five shots, there was a little grey wash in the barrel but nothing to be alarmed about.   After fifteen shots there was a little leading.   It wasn’t real bad but I was concerned that it seemed to be getting worse as more shots were fired.   I fired a couple of gas check bullets to clean the barrel before proceeding to the next test.

Rooster Jacket   Averaged 6.4″.   Barrel condition was identical to the Rooster Jacket & Moly.

Conclusions   The moly did not seem to help this load.   I’d like to repeat the tests at 1200 fps and with heat treated bullets.

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