The Remington 870 Super Magnum is a force to be reckoned with in the world of shotguns. In this comprehensive review, we will delve into every aspect of this powerhouse firearm, from its key features to its performance testing results. Whether you’re a seasoned gun enthusiast or a novice looking for the perfect shotgun, this article will provide you with all the essential information you need to make an informed decision.

We’ll cover the testing methodology, results, and even compare the Remington 870 Super Magnum with other shotguns on the market. By the end of this review, you’ll have a clear understanding of the strengths and potential drawbacks of this firearm, allowing you to reach a well-informed verdict. So, let’s jump straight into the nitty-gritty of the Remington 870 Super Magnum and discover what sets it apart from the competition.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Remington 870 Super Magnum is a reliable and versatile shotgun that offers a variety of features for hunters and shooters.
  • With its durable construction and smooth performance, the Remington 870 Super Magnum is a top choice for both new and experienced shooters.
  • After thorough testing and evaluation, the Remington 870 Super Magnum proves to be a high-quality firearm that stands out among other shotguns on the market.

Overview of Remington 870 Super Magnum

The Remington 870 Super Magnum, also known as the Express Super Mag, is a highly versatile and reliable pump-action shotgun, designed to meet the demands of waterfowl hunting enthusiasts.

Featuring a pump-action mechanism, the 870 Super Magnum allows for quick follow-up shots, essential for waterfowl hunting where targets are often in motion. Its 3.5-inch chamber accommodates a wide range of loads, making it adaptable to various hunting environments and game sizes.

The durability of its design, paired with Remington’s renowned craftsmanship, ensures consistently accurate performance, while the Interchangeable Rem™ Choke system provides versatility for different shooting scenarios. The rugged yet refined aesthetic options, including various finishes and stock configurations, make the 870 Super Magnum a favorite among discerning hunters.”

What to Expect from Remington 870 Super Magnum

When considering the Remington 870 Super Magnum, enthusiasts can expect a durable and water-resistant shotgun with exceptional feeding reliability and a synthetic stock for enhanced performance in various hunting conditions.

The Remington 870 Super Magnum is constructed with high-quality materials that contribute to its exceptional durability, allowing it to withstand rigorous use over an extended period. Along with its robust build, this shotgun is designed to resist water, making it reliable in wet and challenging outdoor environments.

Its feeding reliability is a standout feature, ensuring smooth and consistent ammunition cycle, reducing the possibility of malfunctions during critical moments. The synthetic stock not only provides a lightweight and durable alternative to traditional wooden stocks but also offers enhanced grip and stability, crucial for precision and control during hunting activities.

Key Features of Remington 870 Super Magnum

The key features of the Remington 870 Super Magnum include a vent rib barrel, billet steel construction, a non-glare matte finish, and the incorporation of twin action bars for enhanced durability and smooth operation, making it compatible with aftermarket parts.

Constructed with high-quality billet steel, the Remington 870 Super Magnum ensures remarkable sturdiness and longevity. Its vent rib barrel not only enhances accuracy but also reduces weight for improved handling. The non-glare matte finish not only adds a sleek aesthetic but also protects the shotgun from corrosion and wear.

With the incorporation of twin action bars, this shotgun offers smoother cycling and reduced binding, enhancing its overall operability. Its compatibility with aftermarket parts enables users to customize and optimize performance to suit their specific needs.

Performance Testing of Remington 870 Super Magnum

The performance testing of the Remington 870 Super Magnum showcases its exceptional reliability, potential for hydrographic refinishing, precise ejector mechanism, and suitability for various shooting scenarios such as trap shooting and duck blind environments.

During the performance testing, the Remington 870 Super Magnum demonstrated consistent and reliable operation in a variety of shooting conditions. The potential for hydrographic refinishing opens up customization options for enthusiasts seeking a personalized look for their firearms.

The precise ejector mechanism enhances shell ejection efficiency, contributing to the shotgun’s seamless performance. Its suitability for trap shooting and duck blind environments underlines its versatility across different hunting and recreational activities.

Pros and Cons of Remington 870 Super Magnum

The Remington 870 Super Magnum offers a wide range of accessories, remarkable value, and excellent ergonomics, as highlighted in user reviews from Cabelas and Walmart, although some users may seek additional sling swivel attachment points for customization.

One of the key advantages of the Remington 870 Super Magnum is its versatility due to the diverse selection of available accessories. From extended magazines to interchangeable chokes, this shotgun can be tailored to suit various hunting or tactical scenarios.

User feedback from reputable retailers such as Cabelas and Walmart underscores the high value proposition of this firearm, with users praising its reliability and performance. The ergonomic design further enhances the shooting experience, providing comfort and control.

On the flip side, some users have expressed a desire for more sling swivel attachment points to accommodate additional customization options. While the shotgun offers a solid foundation, the potential for further enhancements in this aspect could address the preferences of certain users seeking advanced customization.

Testing and Evaluation of Remington 870 Super Magnum

The testing and evaluation process for the Remington 870 Super Magnum involves comprehensive assessments of its performance, functionality, and user experience across diverse hunting scenarios and environmental conditions.

To ensure the Remington 870 Super Magnum meets the highest standards, it undergoes rigorous testing in various settings, evaluating its accuracy, reliability, and durability. The functionality is thoroughly examined, including its handling, recoil, and ability to withstand harsh conditions. In addition, user feedback plays a significant role in the evaluation process, providing valuable insights into the shotgun’s practicality and ease of use. These assessments collectively contribute to the development of a firearm that excels in performance, versatility, and user satisfaction.

Testing Methodology for Remington 870 Super Magnum

The testing methodology for the Remington 870 Super Magnum encompasses assessments in diverse environmental conditions, with a focus on its performance and durability in waterfowl hunting scenarios and other relevant hunting contexts.

These assessments involve rigorous field testing in challenging terrains, evaluating the shotgun’s functionality, accuracy, and reliability amidst varying weather conditions. The Remington 870 Super Magnum is subjected to water-resistant tests to gauge its resistance to moisture and potential corrosion, crucial for waterfowl hunting.

Along with field tests, the firearm undergoes meticulous endurance trials to ascertain its robustness and consistency, ensuring it can withstand the demands of extended use in demanding hunting scenarios.

Results of Testing Remington 870 Super Magnum

The results of testing the Remington 870 Super Magnum highlight its exceptional reliability, water resistance, positive user feedback in various hunting scenarios, and the compatibility with a range of accessories for enhanced functionality.

During rigorous testing, the Remington 870 Super Magnum consistently demonstrated its ability to withstand varying environmental conditions, proving its outstanding reliability under challenging circumstances. Its water resistance was notably impressive, ensuring optimal performance even in wet or damp hunting environments.

User feedback from experienced hunters further reinforced its reliability and remarkable durability in real-life hunting situations. Their positive experiences with the 870 Super Magnum emphasized its confidence-inspiring performance, making it a trusted companion for hunting expeditions.

The compatibility of the Remington 870 Super Magnum with a diverse range of accessories allowed for customization to meet specific hunting requirements. This versatility earned acclaim from users who appreciated the ability to personalize their firearms to suit different hunting scenarios, enhancing its overall functionality.

Comparison with Other Shotguns

When compared with the Mossberg 535 and other competing models, the Remington 870 Super Magnum showcases exceptional quality, resistance to rust and recoil, and outstanding value, further highlighted by its compatibility with aftermarket parts and chokes.

One of the most notable features of the Remington 870 Super Magnum is its durable construction, which not only contributes to its superior quality but also enhances its resistance to rust, ensuring longevity and reliability in various environmental conditions.

The shotgun’s efficient recoil management significantly reduces the impact on the shooter, enhancing accuracy and comfort during extended shooting sessions – a testament to its thoughtful design and engineering.

The Remington 870 Super Magnum offers excellent value proposition, making it an enticing choice for enthusiasts looking for a versatile and dependable firearm without breaking the bank.

Final Verdict on Remington 870 Super Magnum

In the final verdict, the Remington 870 Super Magnum emerges as a top-tier shotgun option, delivering exceptional reliability, versatile functionality, and remarkable aesthetics, making it an ideal choice for various hunting scenarios and shooting enthusiasts.

Its robust build and 16-gauge, 3 1/2-inch chambered design provide unparalleled power and adaptability, allowing shooters to switch between hunting waterfowl, turkey, upland game, and even deer with ease. The inclusion of interchangeable chokes further enhances its adaptability, ensuring precision and accuracy in diverse shooting environments. Its ability to handle a wide range of loads, from light target loads to heavy magnums, makes it a go-to option for hunters and shooters seeking a reliable and versatile firearm.

Coupled with its smooth pump action, the Remington 870 Super Magnum offers a seamless shooting experience, reinforcing its suitability for both seasoned hunters and beginners alike.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Remington 870 Super Magnum?

The Remington 870 Super Magnum is a pump-action shotgun that is known for its versatility and reliability. It is designed to handle a wide range of loads, from light 2 3/4″ shells to heavy 3 1/2″ magnum shells.

Is the Remington 870 Super Magnum suitable for hunting?

Yes, the Remington 870 Super Magnum is a popular choice among hunters due to its ability to handle different loads and its rugged construction. It is commonly used for hunting waterfowl, turkey, and other game.

How does the Remington 870 Super Magnum perform in terms of accuracy?

The Remington 870 Super Magnum is known for its solid and consistent accuracy. The receiver is drilled and tapped for optics, making it easy to add a scope or red dot sight for enhanced precision.

What is the build quality of the Remington 870 Super Magnum?

The Remington 870 Super Magnum is built to last, with a durable steel receiver and a synthetic or wood stock. It has a solid feel and can withstand harsh weather conditions, making it a reliable choice for outdoor use.

Are there any common complaints about the Remington 870 Super Magnum?

Some users have reported issues with the feeding and ejection of shells, particularly with lighter loads. However, these issues can be easily fixed and do not detract from the overall performance of the shotgun.

How do the reviews for the Remington 870 Super Magnum compare to other shotguns?

The Remington 870 Super Magnum consistently receives positive reviews for its performance, reliability, and versatility. It is often considered one of the best pump-action shotguns on the market and has a loyal following among hunters and shooters.

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