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The Rossi .357 Magnum is a popular revolver known for its power and versatility. It is a reliable and affordable option for both self-defense and recreational shooting. In this article, we will take a closer look at the features, performance, and customer reviews of the Rossi .357 Magnum.

History of the Rossi .357 Magnum:

The Rossi .357 Magnum was first introduced in 1986 by the Brazilian manufacturer Taurus. It was designed as a budget-friendly alternative to other .357 Magnum revolvers on the market. Over the years, it has gained a reputation for its durability and reliability.

Design and Features of the Rossi .357 Magnum:

The Rossi .357 Magnum has a traditional revolver design with a stainless steel frame and barrel. It is available in different barrel lengths, including 2 inches, 4 inches, and 6 inches. Its compact size makes it easy to carry for self-defense purposes.

  1. Barrel Length: The barrel length of the Rossi .357 Magnum can affect its accuracy, recoil, and handling. The 2-inch barrel is ideal for concealed carry, while the longer 6-inch barrel is better for accurate long-distance shooting.
  2. Grip and Sights: The Rossi .357 Magnum has a rubber grip that provides a comfortable and secure hold.

    If your looking at Rossi 357 then another gun to consider is the Rossi 461.. However, some users may find the grip to be a bit too small for their liking. It also has fixed sights that may not be as precise as adjustable sights found on other revolvers.

  3. Trigger and Action: The Rossi .357 Magnum features a single or double-action trigger, allowing for quick and easy firing. The trigger pull may feel a bit heavy, but it is smooth and consistent. The action is reliable and dependable, making it easy to operate.

Performance of the Rossi .357 Magnum:

The performance of the Rossi .357 Magnum is impressive, considering its affordable price point.

  1. Accuracy: The Rossi .357 Magnum is known for its accuracy, especially with the longer barrel options. It can consistently hit targets at 25 yards or more.
  2. Recoil and Handling: Recoil can be a concern with .357 Magnum revolvers, but the Rossi manages it well. The rubber grip helps absorb some of the recoil, making it manageable for most shooters.
  3. Reliability: The Rossi .357 Magnum is a reliable and durable revolver. It can handle a variety of .357 Magnum loads without any malfunctions.

Pros and Cons of the Rossi .357 Magnum:


  • Affordable price
  • Accurate and reliable
  • Compact size for easy carry
  • Durable construction


  • Grip may be too small for some users
  • Fixed sights may not be as precise
  • Trigger pull may feel heavy

Comparison with Other .357 Magnum Revolvers:

  1. Smith & Wesson Model 686: The Smith & Wesson Model 686 is a popular .357 Magnum revolver known for its accuracy and durability. It has a higher price point than the Rossi, but it also offers more features like adjustable sights and a larger grip.
  2. Ruger GP100: The Ruger GP100 is a heavy-duty .357 Magnum revolver with a robust construction. It has a similar price to the Rossi but offers a smoother trigger pull and better grip options.
  3. Taurus 66: As the manufacturer of the Rossi .357 Magnum, Taurus also offers the Taurus 66. It is a slightly more expensive option but offers a larger grip and adjustable sights.

Customer Reviews and Ratings:

Overall, the Rossi .357 Magnum has received positive reviews from customers. Many appreciate its accuracy, reliability, and affordable price. However, some have complained about the small grip and heavy trigger pull.

Final Verdict: Is the Rossi .357 Magnum Worth It?

The Rossi .357 Magnum is a reliable and affordable revolver that performs well for both self-defense and recreational shooting. It may not have all the features of higher-priced options, but it offers great value for its price. If you

Key Takeaways:


  • The Rossi .357 Magnum is a popular revolver known for its accuracy, handling, and reliability.
  • Compared to other .357 Magnum revolvers, the Rossi offers similar performance at a more affordable price point.
  • Customer reviews and ratings praise the Rossi .357 Magnum for its value, making it a solid choice for those looking for a budget-friendly option.


What Is the Rossi .357 Magnum?

The Rossi .357 Magnum is a highly regarded revolver, recognized for its precision, dependability, and adaptability. It is a preferred choice among law enforcement officials and shooting enthusiasts due to its manageable recoil and impressive stopping power. This firearm is designed to accommodate the .357 Magnum cartridge, providing exceptional performance for both recreational and defensive shooting.

Pro-tip: When handling the Rossi .357 Magnum, always prioritize gun safety and acquaint yourself with its mechanisms.

History of the Rossi .357 Magnum

The history of the Rossi .357 Magnum dates back to its introduction in the 1970s by Rossi. This powerful revolver gained quick popularity for its reliability and affordability. Over the years, the Rossi .357 Magnum has become a top choice for both sport shooting and self-defense. Its strong build and impressive performance have cemented its position as a timeless firearm.

For those interested in the history of firearms, the Rossi .357 Magnum serves as a testament to exceptional craftsmanship and lasting appeal.

Design and Features of the Rossi .357 Magnum

When it comes to the Rossi .357 Magnum, there are several key design and feature aspects that make this revolver stand out. In this section, we will take a closer look at the barrel length, grip and sights, as well as the trigger and action of this powerful firearm. By understanding these components, readers will gain a better understanding of the overall design and functionality of the Rossi .357. So, let’s dive in and explore the various features that make this revolver a popular choice among gun enthusiasts.

1. Barrel Length

  • Determine the desired barrel length based on the intended use: longer barrels offer improved accuracy and velocity, while shorter barrels provide better concealment and maneuverability.
  • Consider the trade-offs between barrel length and portability when selecting the Rossi .357 Magnum.
  • Consult local firearm regulations to ensure compliance with barrel length restrictions.

The barrel length of the Rossi .357 Magnum has evolved over time, with earlier models featuring shorter barrels for close-quarters combat and later models incorporating longer barrels for enhanced accuracy and ballistics.

2. Grip and Sights

  • The Rossi .357 Magnum features a comfortable rubber grip, providing a secure hold and reducing recoil impact.
  • It is equipped with adjustable rear sights and a fiber optic front sight, enhancing accuracy and target acquisition.

3. Trigger and Action

  • Trigger: The Rossi .357 Magnum boasts a smooth and consistent trigger pull, which greatly improves shooting accuracy.
  • Action: Its double-action mechanism enables quick and sequential shots with minimal trigger reset, making it perfect for swift target acquisition.

Performance of the Rossi .357 Magnum

The Rossi .357 Magnum is a popular choice among gun enthusiasts for its powerful cartridge and affordable price point. In this section, we will take a closer look at the performance of this firearm, specifically in terms of accuracy, recoil and handling, and reliability. By examining these key aspects, we can gain a better understanding of the overall performance of the Rossi .357 Magnum and how it compares to other firearms in its class.

1. Accuracy

  • For optimum accuracy, make sure to use a proper shooting stance and grip to stabilize the revolver.
  • Align the front and rear sights to the target to ensure accurate shooting.
  • Mastering trigger control is crucial for smooth and consistent accuracy, so make sure to avoid jerking the trigger and instead squeeze it smoothly.
  • Regular practice is key to enhancing shooting skills and maintaining accuracy with the Rossi .357 Magnum.

2. Recoil and Handling

Recoil and handling of the Rossi .357 Magnum are heavily impacted by its weight, grip design, and barrel length. The weight of the gun plays a significant role in reducing recoil, while the grip and sights contribute to improved handling. The longer barrel also aids in reducing muzzle flip, resulting in better control.

Proper stance and grip technique are essential for managing recoil, and beginners may find it helpful to use lower recoil .38 Special ammunition for a more manageable shooting experience.

3. Reliability

  • Regular Maintenance: Keep the revolver clean and lubricated to ensure consistent and reliable performance.
  • Ammunition Quality: Use high-quality ammunition to enhance the gun’s reliability and prevent potential malfunctions.
  • Proper Storage: Store the Rossi .357 Magnum in a cool, dry place to preserve its reliability over time.

Pro-tip: Regularly practice proper cleaning and maintenance to uphold the reliability of your Rossi .357 Magnum.

Pros and Cons of the Rossi .357 Magnum

When it comes to handguns, the Rossi .357 Magnum is a popular and versatile choice. However, like any firearm, it has its strengths and weaknesses. In this section, we will discuss the pros and cons of the Rossi .357 Magnum, giving you a better understanding of this powerful handgun. From its accuracy and power to its potential drawbacks, we’ll cover all aspects of this firearm to help you make an informed decision.


  • Superior accuracy for precise shooting.
  • Comfortable grip and intuitive sights for improved handling.
  • Reliable trigger and action mechanism for consistent performance.


  • Cons:
  • Weight: The Rossi .357 Magnum is relatively heavier than other revolvers, causing potential discomfort during extended use.
  • Customization Options: Limited aftermarket customization options compared to other popular .357 Magnum revolvers like the Smith & Wesson Model 686 or Ruger GP100.
  • Trigger Pull: Some users find the trigger pull to be heavier and less smooth compared to other models in the same category.

Comparison with Other .357 Magnum Revolvers

In the world of revolvers, the .357 Magnum reigns supreme as a powerful and versatile round. Many manufacturers have created their own versions of this iconic firearm, each with their own unique features and characteristics. In this section, we will compare the Rossi .357 with three other popular .357 Magnum revolvers: the Smith & Wesson Model 686, the Ruger GP100, and the Taurus 66. By examining the strengths and weaknesses of each revolver, we can determine how the Rossi .357 stacks up against its competitors.

1. Smith & Wesson Model 686

  1. Research: Explore online reviews, forums, and expert opinions to understand the features and performance of the Smith & Wesson Model 686.
  2. Visit a Range: Test-fire the Smith & Wesson Model 686 to assess its accuracy, recoil, and overall feel in a controlled environment.
  3. Handling: Visit a local gun store to handle the Smith & Wesson Model 686, focusing on ergonomics and comfort.
  4. Compare: Compare the Smith & Wesson Model 686 with other .357 Magnum revolvers like the Rossi and Ruger GP100 to make an informed decision.

Considering these steps will help you evaluate if the Smith & Wesson Model 686 meets your requirements and preferences.

2. Ruger GP100

The Ruger GP100 is a durable and dependable .357 Magnum revolver renowned for its toughness, ease of use, and precision. This revolver is highly regarded in the world of revolvers, and is a top choice for both experienced shooters and novices. Its sturdy frame and grip design help to reduce recoil, making it a preferred option for target shooting and personal protection.

Pro-tip: To prolong the lifespan and maintain optimal performance of the Ruger GP100, be sure to handle and maintain it properly.

3. Taurus 66

  • Barrel Length: The Taurus 66 model offers various barrel lengths, including 4″, 6″, and 7.5″, to cater to different preferences.
  • Grip and Sights: It boasts comfortable grips and adjustable sights, allowing for improved accuracy.
  • Trigger and Action: The smooth trigger pull and reliable action mechanism make this model user-friendly and easy to use.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

  • Customer Reviews and Ratings are essential in influencing purchasing decisions.
  • When evaluating rossi.357, be sure to take into account factors such as build quality, accuracy, and reliability based on the feedback from customers.
  • Look for consistent positive reviews regarding ergonomics, ease of use, and durability for a satisfying ownership experience.

Final Verdict: Is the Rossi .357 Magnum Worth It?

When evaluating the ultimate decision on whether or not the Rossi .357 Magnum is a worthwhile investment, it is crucial to consider the overall construction quality, performance, and user reviews.

In terms of its historical importance, the Rossi .357 Magnum holds a significant legacy, having been a favored option as a dependable sidearm for both law enforcement personnel and civilians since its debut in the 1970s.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Rossi R92 and what makes it unique?

The Rossi R92 is a lever action rifle produced by Braztech International, a Brazilian firearms manufacturer. It stands out for its various calibers and finishes available, as well as its reasonable price. It also has a long history, with 18 different lever action models made by Rossi.

What is the action type of the Rossi R92?

The Rossi R92 is a lever action rifle, which means the user operates the firearm by working a lever located near the trigger. This action type is popular for its quick handling and is commonly seen in cowboy guns.

What calibers are available for the Rossi R92?

The Rossi R92 is available in various calibers, including .357 Magnum, .44 Magnum, .45 Colt, .454 Casull, and .38 Special. It is also available in .22 LR for a more affordable option.

What is the overall length of the Rossi R92?

The overall length of the Rossi R92 varies depending on the model and caliber. On average, it is about 33.7 inches, making it a compact rifle that is easy to handle and maneuver.

What is the production quality of the Rossi R92 like?

The Rossi R92 is known for its high production quality, with a metal to metal fit and a solid, close-grained hardwood stock. Its octagonal barrel and blued metal give it a classic and polished look.

Where is the Rossi R92 manufactured and imported to?

The Rossi R92 is manufactured in Sao Leopoldo, Brazil by Amadeo Rossi and imported exclusively by Braztech International to the United States. It is also available in other parts of North America.

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