stoeger cougar 40 review

The Stoeger Cougar .40 is a popular semi-automatic pistol designed and manufactured by the Italian firearms company, Stoeger Industries. It is a double-action/single-action (DA/SA) handgun chambered in .40 S&W, making it an ideal choice for both self-defense and target shooting.

The Stoeger Cougar .40 has several features that set it apart from other handguns on the market. Let’s take a closer look at some of its key features:

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    Design and Construction: The Stoeger Cougar .40 has a sleek and modern design, with a polymer frame and a stainless steel slide.

    . Its overall construction is solid and durable, making it suitable for regular use.

  2. Trigger and Safety: The DA/SA trigger on the Stoeger Cougar .40 is smooth and crisp, allowing for accurate and controlled shots. It also has a manual safety and a decocking lever for added safety.
  3. Sights and Accuracy: The Stoeger Cougar .40 comes with three-dot sights, providing a clear sight picture and improved accuracy. It also has a rotating barrel system, which helps reduce recoil and improve accuracy.
  4. Magazine Capacity: The Stoeger Cougar .40 has a standard magazine capacity of 11 rounds, giving it an edge over other handguns with a similar size and caliber.

What sets the Stoeger Cougar .40 apart from other handguns is its unique dual-action trigger and rotating barrel system. These features not only enhance the shooting experience but also make the gun more reliable and accurate. Additionally, the Stoeger Cougar .40 is reasonably priced, making it a budget-friendly option for gun enthusiasts.

Before making a purchase, it’s essential to consider the pros and cons of a firearm. Some pros and cons of the Stoeger Cougar .40 are:


  • Ergonomic design and comfortable grip
  • Accurate and reliable
  • Dual-action trigger for improved control
  • Affordable price point


  • Limited availability of accessories and upgrades
  • Slightly heavier and bulkier than other handguns in its class

Many gun owners and enthusiasts have praised the Stoeger Cougar .40 for its accuracy, comfort, and reliability. However, some have expressed their disappointment with the limited availability of accessories and upgrades for this particular model.

In comparison to similar handguns, such as the Beretta 92FS, CZ 75, and SIG Sauer P226, the Stoeger Cougar .40 holds its own with its unique features, affordable price point, and reliable performance. It can also be a suitable option for individuals looking for a budget-friendly yet reliable handgun for self-defense purposes.

Key Takeaways:


  • The Stoeger Cougar .40 is a reliable and affordable handgun with a dual-action trigger and rotating barrel system.
  • It features a durable design, smooth trigger, and accurate sights, making it a suitable choice for self-defense.
  • Compared to other handguns like the Beretta 92FS and CZ 75, the Stoeger Cougar .40 offers similar features at a more affordable price point.


What Is the Stoeger Cougar .40?

The Stoeger Cougar .40 is a semi-automatic pistol designed for self-defense and law enforcement use. It is known for its rotating barrel design, which improves accuracy and reduces recoil, making it a popular choice among shooters. This particular pistol is chambered for the .40 S&W cartridge, providing a good balance between stopping power and controllability. An interesting fact about the Stoeger Cougar .40 is that it is based on the design of the Beretta Cougar pistol.

What Are the Features of the Stoeger Cougar .40?

The Stoeger Cougar .40 is a popular choice among firearms enthusiasts due to its reliable performance and affordable price point. However, what sets this handgun apart from others on the market? In this section, we will take a closer look at the various features of the Stoeger Cougar .40. From its design and construction to its trigger and safety mechanisms, as well as its sights and accuracy, we will cover all the important aspects of this firearm. Additionally, we will also discuss its magazine capacity and how it contributes to the overall shooting experience.

1. Design and Construction

  • The Stoeger Cougar .40 boasts an ergonomic grip and lightweight alloy frame for easy handling.
  • It also features a durable steel slide and barrel, ensuring long-lasting performance.
  • The rail for accessory attachment enhances its versatility.

In terms of design and construction, the Stoeger Cougar .40 offers both comfort and functionality with its ergonomic grip, durable steel slide, and rail for accessory attachment.

2. Trigger and Safety

  • Trigger: The Stoeger Cougar .40 boasts a smooth, consistent, and relatively light trigger pull, enhancing precision and control.
  • Safety: It is also equipped with a manual safety lever, providing users with the ability to engage or disengage the safety as needed for secure handling.

3. Sights and Accuracy

  • Ensure proper alignment of the sights to achieve accuracy.
  • Verify the sight picture by focusing on the front sight and aligning it with the target.
  • Practice consistent trigger control to enhance accuracy.

Did you know? The Stoeger Cougar .40’s sight radius contributes to its impressive accuracy, making it a popular choice among shooting enthusiasts.

4. Magazine Capacity

The Stoeger Cougar .40 features a magazine capacity of 11 rounds, making it a versatile choice for handgun enthusiasts in various applications such as self-defense and target shooting. This magazine capacity provides a balance between ammunition capacity and ergonomics, ensuring ample firepower without sacrificing comfort and usability.

What Sets the Stoeger Cougar .40 Apart from Other Handguns?

When it comes to handguns, there are countless options on the market. However, the Stoeger Cougar .40 stands out from the rest with its unique features and affordable price point. In this section, we’ll dive into what sets this handgun apart from others. We’ll discuss the dual-action trigger, which offers the best of both worlds for shooters. Then, we’ll explore the rotating barrel system that improves accuracy and reduces recoil. Lastly, we’ll touch on the affordable price point, making the Stoeger Cougar .40 a top choice for many gun enthusiasts.

1. Dual-Action Trigger

  • Understand the mechanism: Learn how the dual-action trigger works, allowing for both single and double-action firing.
  • Practice proper handling: Familiarize yourself with the variations in trigger pull to ensure accurate shooting.
  • Maintain consistency: Master the transition between single and double-action for optimal performance.

Pro-tip: Regular dry-fire practice can enhance proficiency with the dual-action trigger, improving overall shooting skills.

2. Rotating Barrel System

  • The innovative rotating barrel system of the Stoeger Cougar .40 helps to decrease felt recoil and muzzle rise.
  • As the firearm is fired, the barrel rotates, resulting in improved accuracy and increased durability.
  • This mechanism also assists in evenly distributing wear and tear, ultimately extending the lifespan of the handgun.

Pro-tip: To ensure consistent performance and longevity of the Stoeger Cougar .40, remember to regularly clean and maintain the rotating barrel system.

3. Affordable Price Point

  • Compare prices of the Stoeger Cougar .40 with other handguns in the same category.
  • Consider the cost of accessories and maintenance for the Stoeger Cougar .40.
  • Assess the long-term value and durability of the handgun in relation to its price.

The Stoeger Cougar .40 gained popularity for its affordable price point, making it a top choice for firearm enthusiasts and self-defense practitioners looking for a budget-friendly option.

What Are the Pros and Cons of the Stoeger Cougar .40?

When it comes to choosing a reliable and affordable handgun, the Stoeger Cougar .40 is a popular option for many gun enthusiasts. However, like any firearm, it has its own set of pros and cons. In this section, we will take a closer look at the advantages and disadvantages of the Stoeger Cougar .40. From its impressive accuracy and ergonomics to potential drawbacks such as its weight and limited aftermarket support, we will cover all the key points to help you make an informed decision about this firearm.


The Stoeger Cougar .40 offers excellent ergonomics, a rotating barrel system for reduced felt recoil, and a durable build, making it ideal for both self-defense and range use.


  • Cons:
  • Larger Size: The Stoeger Cougar .40 is relatively larger and heavier, which can make it less comfortable for concealed carry.
  • Complex Mechanism: The rotating barrel system, while innovative, adds complexity and may require more maintenance compared to other handguns.
  • Limited Aftermarket Accessories: Compared to more popular models, finding aftermarket accessories and customization options for the Stoeger Cougar .40 may be challenging.

Is the Stoeger Cougar .40 a Good Choice for Self-Defense?

Yes, the Stoeger Cougar .40 is a great option for self-defense as it offers reliable performance, manageable recoil, and a sturdy construction.

What Do Customers Say About the Stoeger Cougar .40?

Customers have expressed their satisfaction with the Stoeger Cougar .40, praising its durability, accuracy, and comfortable grip. They appreciate the manageable recoil and commend its value for the price. Some users have highlighted its versatility for both concealed carry and home defense. Overall, customers are impressed with the performance and reliability of the Stoeger Cougar .40.

How Does the Stoeger Cougar .40 Compare to Similar Handguns?

When considering purchasing the Stoeger Cougar .40, it’s important to understand how it stacks up against other handguns on the market. In this section, we will compare the Stoeger Cougar .40 to three popular models: the Beretta 92FS, the CZ 75, and the SIG Sauer P226. By examining the similarities and differences between these firearms, we can determine if the Stoeger Cougar .40 is the right choice for your needs. Let’s dive in and see how it measures up.

1. Beretta 92FS

  • The Beretta 92FS, which was developed in the 1970s, is a highly utilized handgun by military and police forces.
  • Design: It is equipped with a double-action/single-action trigger mechanism and a reversible magazine release.
  • Caliber: The 9x19mm Parabellum chambering provides manageable recoil.
  • Reliability: The Beretta 92FS is renowned for its exceptional reliability and accuracy, making it a top choice among firearm enthusiasts.

2. CZ 75

The CZ 75 is a well-known handgun recognized for its durability, accuracy, and ergonomic design. It boasts a sleek appearance and strong build, making it a favored option among firearm enthusiasts. The CZ 75 stands out from other handguns with its double-action trigger system and larger magazine capacity. Its exceptional performance and reasonable price make it a top choice in the firearm market.

Pro-tip: When considering the CZ 75, be sure to try out different grip options to find the most comfortable fit for your hand size and shooting style.

3. SIG Sauer P226

  • The SIG Sauer P226 is a full-sized, service-type pistol known for its exceptional ergonomics and reliability, suitable for military and law enforcement use.
  • It features a double-action/single-action trigger and has a decocker, enhancing safety and ease of use.
  • The P226 offers excellent accuracy, aided by its fixed combat or adjustable sights.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Stoeger Cougar .40 and why was it discontinued?

The Stoeger Cougar .40 is a handgun originally produced by Beretta, but later acquired by Stoeger when Beretta discontinued production. It was built like a tank and had a rougher finish, making it a reliable and sturdy choice for a defensive handgun. However, Stoeger has discontinued production of the Cougar line in 2019.

What are the features of the Stoeger Cougar .40?

The .40 caliber model holds 11 rounds in the magazine and features an ambidextrous, slide mounted combination safety and decocker. It also has a double/single action, with the first shot being double action and the remaining shots being single action. The rotating barrel design helps with accuracy and recoil control, and the gun has a 3.6″ barrel, 3-dot sights, and a metal alloy frame with a nitride hardened finish.

What are some tests and reviews for the Stoeger Cougar .40?

The gun has been tested and reviewed by various sources, such as on paper bullseye targets, silhouettes, and unmarked 8×11 paper for practical accuracy practice. It has also been tested in range tests at 25-30 feet, showing good accuracy and control. The gun has received positive reviews and has shown impressive results in practical use.

Is the Stoeger Cougar .40 suitable for all hand sizes?

Yes, the grip of the Stoeger Cougar .40 can accommodate most hand sizes, including smaller hands like those of the author’s daughter who is under 5’2″. This makes it a versatile choice for any shooter.

Can I find accessories for the Stoeger Cougar .40?

While the Stoeger Cougar .40 is no longer in production, you may still be able to find accessories for it through online retailers such as Optics Planet. However, these accessories may not be readily available, so it is important to do thorough research before purchasing the gun.

Is the Stoeger Cougar .40 suitable for self-defense?

Yes, the Stoeger Cougar .40 is a reliable and sturdy choice for a defensive handgun. . Its double/single action and rotating barrel design make it easy to shoot accurately and quickly. It also has a modest retail price, making it accessible for anyone looking for a defensive handgun. You may also be interested in our review of stoeger double defense.

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